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Professional Development
Programming Experience

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Computer Programming Experience

AutoCAD Design
  • 3D Drawing for Systems and Components
  • Component level drawings for prototype fabrication
  • NVIDIA Quadro graphics accelerator for AutoCAD (image processing support using DirectX and OpenGL libraries)
  • Rendering
LabVIEW Instrumentation Software (programming for image acquisition and experiment control on the CSLH microscope)
  • Data and image acquisition (including electronic amplifier design for sensor to data acquisition interface)
  • Calibration of optical and electronic equipment
  • System level controllers to run experiments
  • Data analysis
Zemax Optical Design Software
  • Lens design
  • Interferometer modeling
  • Optimization
Matlab Scientific & Engineering Analysis Software
  • Optical and mechanical systems design
  • Parametric trade-off studies and simulations
  • Rigid body dynamics and interface to feedback controllers
  • Image processing for medical and scientific applications
  • Analysis
  • Algorithm development and systems control interface to larger programs