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Systems Engineer
Peter B. Jacquemin
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Personal Dossier
Peter B. Jacquemin

Four Dimensions
(Curvilinear Space)
Personal Dossier
  • Special interests and other capabilities
  • Horse trainer through classical equitation and dressage (technique)
  • Horse trainer with classical equitation and dressage experience
  • Renovated an entire house
  • Renovated a log home and designed and built an electronic control system for a double pumping water well
  • Upgraded parents log home with well water system, pumps, and electronic controller, carpentry, electrical, and renovations
  • Completely renovated a restaurant including kitchen and dining rooms
  • Renovated an entire restaurant doing all the work myself
  • Member of single parents group
  • Member of a single parent's group and cared for children from 7 & 9 years old to adults
  • Single parent to two children and cared for elderly parents
  • Church volunteer
  • Church volunteer and missionary in Russia
  • Currently upgrading an entire home on one acre in Mill Bay, BC
  • Underwater hockey player
  • Activities: Underwater hockey player, working out at gym, fishing, skiing
  • Ability to sketch well
  • Ability to sketch isometric diagrams of mechanical systems and optical configurations
  • Ability to re-build computer hardware and Windows based operating system software
  • High School Mentor for Science Projects

Peter in Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Peter in Tofino, British Columbia