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PhD Mechanical Engineering

I can provide design solutions in optics, photonics, acoustics, mechanisms, and image processing. My applied technology experience includes lasers, optical communications, optical target tracking, pointing control mechanisms, and laser holography instruments for medical applications. My diverse multi-discipline background includes 15 years in the aerospace industry developing high technology optical-acoustical-mechanical control systems. My experience in mechanical engineering and applied physics can be used to support your design upgrades and reduce your development costs.

My systematic approach to integrated hardware, instrumentation, analytical software and algorithm development will optimize the progress of your product from conceptual phase to production prototype. High performance opto-mechanical products can give you the competitive advantage.

Please contact me to discuss how I can support your research goals and product development requirements

Concepts - Technology - Innovative Solutions- Performance - Market Advantage

Responsive to challenging R&D projects by providing creative technology solutions

Target ATP (Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing) Telescope Design with Real-Time Active Vibration Isolation

  • Beam Steering Mirror Design for Tracking, Pointing, and Optical Jitter Suppression
  • Adaptive Optics for Multiple Illuminator Laser Beam Collimation
  • Nested Loop 6-DOF Dynamic Tracking and Pointing Stabilization Controller Design
  • Inertial Sensors, Alignment Beam Lasers, and Gimbal Torque Motor Design
  • Multiple Cameras for Tracking Targets and Beam Steering Feedback Control


  • Linkages and Linear Actuators
  • Zero Spring Rate and Modified Stewart Platform Vibration Isolation Mechanisms
  • Gimbal Torque Motors with Static Friction Compensation

Digital Holographic Optical Microscopes (see thesis)

  • Detection of Minute Temperature or Material Composition Gradients in a Specimen
  • Measurement of 3D Temperature or Composition using Specimen Boundary Conditions
  • Unique 3D Tomographic Reconstruction Method from Holograms given a Restricted Scan Angle from a Single Viewpoint Window

Holographic Phase Imaging Enhancement

  • Phase Imaging Transparent Regions of a Specimen at various Depth-of-Field Planes to measure Specimen Composition
  • Superimposing Opaque Regions to the Composition Image within Transparent Regions using a Contrast Gradient Filter
  • X-Ray Luggage Scanning Device using Coherent Beam Interference and Vibration Spectroscopy for Concealed Object Identification

Image Processing for Science, Biology, and Medicine

  • High Spatial Resolution Digital Image Filtering
  • Ultra-Wideband Filter Designs approaching the Nyquist Frequency Limit

Feedback Control Design and Optimization Methods

  • Modifications to PID Controllers for Enhanced Performance
  • Wavelet Theory Based Control and Stability for Non-Linear Systems
  • Stabilized Rapid Response Techniques with Unique Phase Compensator Design

Acoustics and Audio Sound Systems or Sound System Audio Design

  • Confocal Acoustic Holography Microscope (CAHM) Development
  • Listening Device for Coast Guard Search and Rescue to Detect Faint Distress Calls
  • High-End Stereo Speakers
  • Bass DJ Subwoofer Speakers
  • Subwoofer Signal Processor
  • Compact Disc Player Digital Filter Design to Optimize for Tube or Solid-State Electronics
  • Solid-State Preamp and Power Amplifier Design
  • Electronic Amplifier Design for Sensor to Data Acquisition Interface