Peter B. Jacquemin. Innovative Technology: Experienced - Former Aerospace Engineer - R&D Projects - 15 Plus Years Experience.
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My multi-disciplinary applied research experience includes innovative concept development and writing proposals on various project ideas such as 1) Optical-Mechanical measurement devices that sustain the environment with improved production rate efficiency and minimal waste, 2) Smart adaptive controller design with advanced power management, 3) High energy lasers for fractional distillation and compositional disassociation, 4) Miniature micro-fluidic optical spectrometer design, 5) Coherent beam interference for detecting concealed objects, 6) Lasers for target tracking and pointing in medical and tactical applications, 7) OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) retinal image processing methods, and 8) Miniature CMGs (Control Moment Gyros) for inertially referenced stabilization of alignment relay lasers and HELs (High Energy Lasers).

15 years Experience in the Aerospace Industry 1978-1991
  • Target Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing (ATP) systems design using lasers for aircraft engagement and precise medical imaging with patient motion compensation during treatment
  • Doppler radar signature modeling of coning and random spinning targets using quaternion dynamics for identifying parts following engagement
  • Target image processing to convert infrared signatures to hardbody outlines and to determine the aimpoint for terminal guidance
  • Guidance, navigation, and control with Kalman filter tracking algorithms for accurate inertial to body frame tracking and target handover to command & control
  • Space shuttle surface tile research to produce improved properties for an advanced refractory thermal insulating material with a lower thermal conductivity, higher strength, and lower mass for atmospheric re-entry
Consultant 1991-2003
  • Designed and built a zero spring rate vibration isolation mechanism with wide frequency spectrum vibration isolation capability due to a unique geometry configuration
  • Designed and built a subwoofer audio signal processor to enhance sound pressure level and reduce destructive resonance
  • Designed and built numerous high-end stereo systems with holographic 3D projection using a single pair of speakers
  • Student at the University of Victoria middle school education program from 2001 to 2003
  • Introduction to C Programming at Camosun College, Nov 1998
  • AutoCAD Level I & II courses at Camosun College, Dec 1998
Restaurant Owner and Manager January 2000 to April 2001
  • Did extensive renovations myself, managed staff, finances, payroll, operations, and repairs
Coast Guard Search & Rescue R&D Consultant November 1998 to January 2000
  • Designed, built, and field tested a hand held acoustical sensor with signal processing electronics for Coast Guard Search & Rescue to detect and locate faint distress calls in a noisy environment
Praxis Design Group Nanaimo, BC November 1997 to February 1998
  • Technical writer for Husky crude oil refining, gas hydrotreating, and electrical power distribution
Tactical Advantage Labs Consultant June 1996 to November 1997
  • Designed and manufactured audio signal processors and developed listening device for Coast Guard search and rescue
Science & Technology Education Consultant March 1995 to June 1996
  • Developed science projects and mentored high school students that entered the regional science fair and received awards
Aerospace Engineering May 1978 to September 1994
  • Target acquisition, tracking, and pointing optical systems design
  • Image processing for infrared seeker guidance and control
  • Doppler radar signature modeling for spinning targets
  • Space shuttle refractory tile material research and development
  • LWIR targets and cryogenic chamber design for seeker calibration