PBJacquemin 3D Visualization Imaging Technology; Optical Microscopy Confocal Fluorescence Holography Reconstruction Algorithms
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Project and Research Descriptions
3D Visualiztion Technology

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3D Visualiztion Technology (Based on diverse experience with imaging microscopy, confocal microscopy, holography, and image processing
  • Phase imaging interferometry
  • Depth-of-field image plane reconstruction from confocal imaging
  • Limited viewing angle tomographic reconstruction
  • The "wily" restricted view sparse reconstruction matrix for determining 3D temperature and composition (see thesis for more information)
  • Echo vector reconstruction for ultra-sound applications
  • Inertially referenced laser radar target tracking along with state vector handover to a pointing system
  • Image rotations and surface shifting at various depth-of-fields for pseudo-3D perspective viewing
  • Particle image velocimetry (PIV) and multiple particle tracking
  • Digital image filtering for 3D vector polygons in curvilinear grid-mesh space with unequally spaced sampled data which requires inverse rendering
  • 2D image mapping onto 3D polygon surfaces in curvilinear space for situations where the specimen cannot be rotated to change the viewing angle (3D geometric shapes are sized, oriented, and moved into a perspective place within the image and then a portion of the image is mapped onto the prescribed 3D surface)
  • Opto-mechanical scanner design for full rotation tomographic viewing (3D image acquisition) given small angle specimen rotations